Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Muffle that Double Take

Whenever Peter Brady would see a pretty girl, a cool motorcycle, or a guy who looked like he smelled good, he’d overreact. He sometimes even yelled things, or just kind of squealed about it being time for change and something he needed to go rearrange. “Be cool, Peter,” his friends always said.

And here’s Peter a few months ago, witnessing a rare trifecta: a really cool motorcycle occupied by a bodacious babe, driven by a guy who looked like the scent of heaven was dripping from his broad shoulders. Luckily, years of pinching and under the table kicks by his wife have given Mr. Brady the ability, if not to be cool, at least to pull it in a little bit.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Listen To Me Now And Hair Me Later

Candace loved her some beehive. In fact, she was the first girl in her small Texas hometown to include the festive bow feature, and was voted “most likely to always have big hair” when she graduated from high school.

That was over forty years ago and as we all know, a lot of things change in our lives once we’re out of our teens. For Candace, some of those changes involved hardscrabble times; sex, drugs and rock-n-roll; and even doing without necessities on occasion. But she’s held her ground steadfastly on the hair front. Sure, it might be a cheesy wig from Salvation Army, but her hair is still big. She bets it’s bigger than yours. There’s probably a bow in there somewhere as well.